First of all you get known the name of the "signalman" who cares for this Blockstelle. His name is Jan-Geert Lukner. This "Blockstelle" is best viewed on PC screens. Please avoid Smartphones, they are too small for watching the pictures. Most parts of this side are written only in german language, but I hope you will find it all...

You can find these "rooms":

Follow this link to enjoy the railway-photos up in the main room of the signal-box.
Here you are on the way down to the room in which you find all journey pictures presented in temporal order. There you'll find also all journey reports. But these reports are only in german.
It would be very nice to find a notice from you in the guestbook!
Do you have questions about this side? Or do you want to tell me something you'd like more or less? Please send me an Email!
Deep under the Blockstelle-building you'll find a studio in which the "who", "how" and "why" of this hobby is analysed (just German texts).

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See also a colorful selection of photos at Blockstelle on flickr: